Tai Chi For Health - Healing Arts

Terence Dunn
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Tai Chi / Qigong

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I have only previewed this tape once. After I actually do it I will update my review. I'm a beginner to Tai Chi, and this video came highly recommended. It's a pretty long video, at 120 minutes.

It starts out with a 10-minute philosophical and historical introduction to T'ai Chi Ch'uan (Tai Chi). I found this very intresting and I'm glad they included it.

After that, there's a 10-minute warm-up. Then 30-minutes of introduction to the basic postures. I found the instructions to be very clear, however, I must say that at this point I felt myself getting bored. It may be a good idea to break this video down, and not do as I did and try it all at once.

Next came step by step instructions in 37 postures, short form style. (60 minutes) And then complete Yang short form demostration. (8 minutes)

I highly recomend this video to anyone who is intrested in Tai Chi. Anyone who is already familiar with it may not be intrested, since it's a beginners video.

As I was watching this video, I thought how good this would be for anyone with PTSD, or emotional problems. It's very soothing, healing, and spiritual.

This will not get your heart rate up, but may bring it down. :O) The instructor commented on how Western exercises focus on outer movements, while Tai Chi develops both mind and body. It concentrates more on breathing, physical movement, mental concentration, and visual focus.

It's a keeper.

Instructor Comments:
The instructor for this video is Terence Dunn. He gave very good, clear instructions. I would like to see him in more Tai Chi videos.