Qi Gong Fire & Water

Matthew Cohen
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Tai Chi / Qigong

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I recently started practising Wu Dao Gong, a Tai Chi-based martial art; Qi Gong is an important part of this discipline.

I bought this DVD to help me practise Qi Gong at home. All the exercises we do in class are here, but with the addition of stunning scenery and evocative music - much more fun than working out in a dusty high school gymnasium! The DVD includes two distinct routines, "Fire" and "Water", each 40 minutes long. The "Fire" routine is the more energetic of the two; practised regularly, it will improve your balance and leg strength. The more mellow "Water" routine would be good for de-stressing, or for a relaxing session before bed, particularly as it is filmed in the evening.

I would have preferred the inclusion of a shorter workout, say about 20 minutes, but each routine on "Fire & Water" is well-chaptered, so you can pick out a few exercises if you wish. The routines are presented as follow-along workouts, but Matthew suggests that you work up to practising some of the poses for a longer period of time.

Suitable for beginners, this DVD is also one you can grow with. If Matthew brings out a more advanced version, I would definitely buy it.

Instructor Comments:
Matthew is calm and explains the benefits of each exercise. His depth of experience in Qi Gong is very evident.



“Qi Gong Fire & Water”

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health system that promotes mental and physical balance and a feeling of calm vitality.

This workout was filmed amid the Alabama Hills in California. Breath taking views on both workouts. The “Fire” workout has more daylight while the “Water” workout has more evening views.

This DVD has two 40 minute workouts “Fire” & “Water”.

This DVD is done with voice over. Matthew works alongside a female in both workouts. These workouts use very little space. You will only need a mat or cushion for the meditation section.

“Fire” heats and strengthens the body, activates and expands the senses, relieves depression , stimulates the immune system, and detoxifies the body.

“Water” cools the body and calms the nervous system, develops grace and greater range of motion, promotes deep relaxation and releases tension, stress, anxiety, and fear.

I found Matthew to be a very calm instructor. I really liked the way Matthew explained every move that was done, the benefits and why we were doing it. The music was very appropriate. A workout done outdoors is always a plus for m. I felt very relaxed and rejuvenated in both mind and body.

This DVD is very well chaptered. This DVD also includes bonus Martial Arts demonstrations and Yoga Mudras for health.

Chapters for “Fire” Practice

Play Workout
Chapter Index
Free Form Demo
Music Options
Main Menu

Chapter Index for “Fire” Practice

Standing, Breathing & Clearing
Arm Circle Over Head
Single Leg Pulsing
Turning Hands
Tai Chi Push
Burmese Qi Gong
Lion Plays With Ball

Chapters for “Water” Practice

Chapter Index
Ba Gua Demo
Music Options
Main Menu

Chapter Index for “Water” Practice

Standing – Breathing – Clearing
Water Pulses
Moon Circles
Single Leg Pulses
Water Swings
Carrying Chi
Roll Back Tai Chi
Forward Folds
Elephant Shakes His Trunk
Hand To Heart
Etheric Clearing
Standing Series – Horse
Standing Series – Empty
Standing Series – Hawk


I really liked both of these Qi Gong workouts. The production was excellent. I really liked Matthew and hope that he will do more Qi Gong workouts. I hope that his future offerings will be shorter versions of these. I found both of these workouts to flow very smooth which added to the relaxing benefits of both watching and feeling the workout.

Instructor Comments:
I found Matthew to be a very calm instructor. He gave great information about every exercise performed.