PM Chi for Beginners

Carol Mcphee
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Tai Chi / Qigong

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This video has sat on my shelf for some time, but I probably should do it more often than I have; it is a VERY relaxing tape.

I am not an expert on Tai Chi, but I have an understanding about how stresses, etc., can block chi (energy) within the body.

As the other poster said, this is a beautifully filmed, compact video that will introduce you to Tai Chi and its benefits.

Although I am not sure if these are the correct terms, the poses are: Heavenly Eye, Open Your Heart to the Sky, Penetrating Heaven and Earth, Master Wong Sweeps the Waters, Carving Through the Clouds, Embrace the Moon, Reaching For the Moon, Opening the Space in Front of Your Face (or maybe it is Drinking in the Moon?).

Everything just flows, with soft, gentle music, with the cuing done with visual cues (something like: "hold your hands as if you were pushing rose petals through the water"). The cues are very well done, although I have a minor nitpick: sometimes Carol does not cue you when she comes out of a pose. But I am so relaxed that it hardly bothers me at all.

If you are a student of Tai Chi, you will probably not be impressed with this video, but for those who have tight schedules or who are wavering as to whether they will like Tai Chi, this is a good place to start.

Note: This is part of a series of videos you can get. There is also A.M. Chi (which is also nice, although I have not done it enough to submit a review at this time) and Energy Chi (which I have not yet done).

Instructor Comments:
Carol McPhee has a soothing, calming voice. Her visual cues are spot on, although she should cue better when she comes out of a pose.



This tape is for beginners, is it about 20 minutes long. If you have never tried Tai Chi trust me you would want to start here. The background absoulutely breathe taking. The cuing will come natural after just one time,of use(if you do not have a good imagination you won't get anything out of this at all)you will feel the chi. If you are new at Tai Chi and want to give a chance (especially for workaholics with not much time) this short workout will give you energy you want beleive. I am definetly trying out A.M. Chi also.

Instructor Comments:
Excellent Cuing! Easy to follow, Carol McPhee makes you feel relaxed and at peace.

Lisa Winters