iSculpt Traditional Circuit, Set 9

Grace Lazenby
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts
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iSculpt 9 (58 minutes)

Standing work (17:44) ♥♥
▪ 2nd position plié / With a side stretch / With an inner thigh lift / Isometric hold in relevé (4:30)
▪ Small plié feet parallel in relevé (no tuck) / Tap knees together (2:00)
▪ Quad stretch
▪ Squats with side leg lift
▪ Chair pose with chest fly / 2nd position plié with delt lift
▪ Alt. punches and pull back (in lunge position)
▪ Posterior delt lift (in lunge position)

Core work (16:04) ♥
▪ Kick, pulse, pulse and lower (3:00)
▪ Single straight leg (1:30)
▪ Ball lifts x 100 (3:00)
▪ Roll up with a twist (1:30)
▪ Seated oblique twist (0:30)
▪ Isolation with one leg extended / Teaser (5:00)
▪ Reverse plank

Floor work (19:58) ♥♥
▪ Isolation with hips against a wall and legs up (3:00)
▪ Pelvic tucks at the wall with ankles crossed (4:00)
▪ Pelvic tucks at the wall feet in 1st position and toes up with ball between knees / Squeeze knees on ball / Hold isometric / Pull hips down / Squeeze ball and pull hips down (7:00)
▪ Knee dancing (1:30)
▪ Downward dog stretch
▪ Outer thigh lift on knee (2:30)

Stretch (4:37) ♥♥
▪ Single pigeon (3:00)
▪ Seated forward bend, shifting hips back and forth

▪ The standing work is all lower body up to 9:20 minutes. I don’t like the upper body work – it feels unbalanced and some moves are awkward (e.g., punches).
▪ There is a lot of core work in this one (19 minutes) and I find the isolation work is overkill (about 8 minutes total!)
▪ Solid floor work with very challenging pelvic tuck series.
▪ My favorite version (35-minute lower body and abs workout): Skip the last 8:24 minutes of the standing work and the core segment.

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