The Y Plan Countdown - a great new shape in 36 days

Jill Gaskell

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This was the one of the first exercise videos I owned got me hooked. It comprises of three main stages of 12 min. workouts - concentrating on toning a different muscle group each day, ie 'hips and thighs' one day and 'tums, bums and arms' the next, for each level . There are no aerobic sections in this video. The accompanying booklet gives a guide on gradually progressing through the levels to reach the '36 days' in the title - obviously aimed at those people wanted to tone up for their holidays.

OK - so 12 min. may sound like no time at all to most readers of this site, but it is quite intensive, and is an excellent video for the beginner, to encourage them to start an exercise programme and inspire them to do more. I did have a noticeable effect on my tone and flexibility when I first did it. Light weights are used in the latter stages. The accompanying booklet is very good, as is the introductory explanations and it is a good, basic all round introduction to exercise for someone who is not too sure.