Workout With Weights

Jane Fonda
Year Released: 1987

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Instructor Comments:

Jane actually co-teaches this workout with her personal trainer, Dan Isaacson. Both are very good at explaining the proper way to do the movements. Jane gets a little naggy. "Don't . . ." is how she seems to start every sentence!

The video is broken into two sections. Both are toning workouts as the name implies. Section 1 is for beginners, and Section 2 is for those who have mastered Section 1. Anyone can do these workouts, beginner or not, by increasing the amount of weight you use. The exercises include both upper body and lower body, plus abs.

I particularly like the quadriceps exercises, because not a lot of instructors include these. You sit on a bench or chair, and extend your leg (you're wearing ankle weights).

This is okay for days when you don't feel like sweating a lot. However, there are more interesting toning tapes, like the FIRM's Upper Body (which includes some legs as well despite the name), Arms and Abs of Steel, and Buns of Steel.

Annie S.