Workout 101

Joyce Vedral
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This 20-minute total-body workout is designed to introduce newcomers to Joyce Vedral’s weight-training workouts. I’d say it does a pretty good job of doing so.

The workout is structured as a modified pyramid: you do only one exercise per body part (except thighs, where you get a second one ‘in case you don’t like the other one’) done for 3 sets: 12 with the lightest weight, 10 with a medium weight, and 8 with the heaviest weight. The reps are reasonably slow and controlled, and although the instruction is minimal, the moves are simple enough that one could follow along by watching.

The tape has the usual Joyce quirks. At one point, she begins a set of alternate biceps curls with a simultaneous curl, then remarks ‘that’s actually a different exercise’ without any further explanation. And in the second set of a leg exercise that works one leg at a time, she switches to another move in case you want to choose between them---but the new move works both legs at once, so you wouldn’t have time to take advantage of this choice for all three sets without pausing the tape.

This workout was included as an extra on the Weight Training Made Easier DVD, but I am not sure how easily a true beginner could move to that workout from this one---the progression Joyce usually recommends is Workout 101, then Dynamic Tension or Bone-Building Workout, which are slower-paced. Still, if you do already own the DVD, this is a nice little extra for days when you are especially crunched for time, coming back from an injury, or wanting fewer reps so you can try and up your weight.