Weights II

Francesca Fisher
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Well, I tend not to review videos I don't like, primarily because I like to do a video at least 3 times before I do it, and if I don't like it, I really don't want to do it 3 times! But, I've done Weights II twice, so I'll just give my impressions. First, the warmup...I know several people have mentioned that it's not adequate, and I totally agree. I was really surprised the first time I put the video in, and she started those very slow side-steps & marches. Then two minutes later it's on to deep stretches. However, that's not a big thing...another warmup could always be substituted if you liked the rest of the workout. Overall, it really is a pretty solid workout. To be honest, I really can't pinpoint why I don't like it very much. I don't think she works the back as much as she works the other body parts. She only does two sets of 1-arm lat rows. For the other body parts, she does 2-3 sets of several different exercises. The reps are all at a fairly slow tempo, so you can use heavy weights. She uses 5-7 pound dumbbells. The only exception to the slow tempo is during hammer curls, when she suddenly decides to curl at warp speed. At least that's the way it felt. I guess I just didn't connect with Fran's personality, although she seems very nice. I'm going to hang on to Weights III a little longer to see if it grows on me. I liked it slightly more than Weights II. I think that production quality really does make a difference to me. That may be the main reason I didn't really like this workout.

Instructor Comments:
Seems competent. She also gives good form pointers. Very low-key.

Melissa F


Weights II consists of a warmup where Fran tells you about the program. Then once the workout begins, there's no stopping! Fran starts out with back and shoulders, then moves to legs (ouch!!)then abs and chest and finally biceps and triceps.

She uses bi-sets, tri-sets and supersets. For instance in the shoulder section: We do 12 reps of uprights, then 12 alternating militaries then 12 front raises and then finally 12 laterals. Fran always hits the muscle in either 2 or 3 ways.

On the leg section: We do squats, lunges, dead lifts. She then mixes it up and does lunges supersetted with dead lifts (ouch! my glutes were screaming!)

After legs we went to the floor for abs with chest. An example from this section would be 3 different exercises for the abs with 12 reps then go to 2 sets of pushups and then go back to abs. I enjoyed this section since I tend to get bored with *just* abs!!

Finally the bicep and tricep section rocked the house!! Fran did alternating biceps paired with double curls then once your biceps were fried, she moved to triceps extentions paired with overhead triceps and then to finish (and to scorch) your biceps...she does another set of biceps as mentioned before BUT...throws in forearm reverse curls!!

Then you get to stretch (same stretches as warmup but they fell really good at this point in the workout!)

The set is on the plain side but Fran's personality makes up for it! Once I got working I didn't give it a second thought.

The music is piano "jazzy but low-key". I am excited that I've found an alternate weight/strength series that I can grow with! During this workout I used my 8, 10, 12, 15 and 30 pound barbell. When I finished, my biceps and shoulders felt like jello!

I hope Francesca will come out with even more Weights videos. For now I plan to use Weights II, III, Leg Enhancement and Phenomenal Abdominal tapes from Fran! (Will review Leg Enhancement and Phen Abs soon!)

Instructor Comments:
Friendly and warm, knowledgeable and working right along with you. Fran knows her stuff about bi-sets, tri-sets and supersets! When the going gets tough, she knows when to encourage you! She's just like a personal trainer to me on video. Fran DOES suggest you may use heavier weight!