Warrior's Dance

David M Lader

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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The instructor is solo in a brightly lit studio with light wood paneling and floors. I was hoping for the beautiful music he used on his website, but the music is very generic. When he describes what you will be doing, he does it live, but uses voiceover for when he actually performs the movements.

I think this workout would appeal to people who want a non-traditional total-body strengthening workout that uses only your body weight and has a lot of very unique movements based on martial arts conditioning. It is definitely not the same old, same old.

This is a compact workout of only about 30 minutes, but it is very time efficient and gets a lot done in a short time. You donít do a lot of reps, but when I would get up from previewing to actually do some of the exercises, I was surprised by how fast I felt the burn, especially in the lower body exercises, which also incorporate a lot of balance challenges.

The website says the workout is a fusion of different disciplines, especially dance, but I didnít see much dance in it, and for that reason I will probably give up this workout since I prefer dance conditioning to martial arts conditioning. However, I think someone who has taken martial arts lessons, especially in kung fu, will recognize and feel at home with a lot of the exercises.

If you happen to go to the website at www.warriorsdance.com , don't be intimidated by the intro. You will not be doing any high-flying jump kicks. This workout is totally low impact with slow and controlled movements. What they do in live classes may be very different, but I don't feel the website gave a very accurate picture of the actual workout dvd. This is a pressed dvd with the silver backing.

Instructor Comments:
David is serious but likeable and encouraging. He has over 20 years of martial arts experience.