Walk the Firm Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I like this one a lot. This is a strength training workout with only one quick section of walking at the beginning to warm up. The next section is upper body (about 14 minutes), then lower body (about 13 minutes) and then ab floorwork (about 7 minutes). The workout ends with a short stretch and total workout time is less than 40 minutes. All the exercises are very basic, so this would be a great workout for beginners. It's also done at a slow pace so intermediate exercisers would be able to lift heavier weight and benefit from this workout also. The upper and lower body exercises are all done standing. I enjoyed the music. It was pleasant and different from what's in so many other workouts these days. My only complaint is that Leslie doesn't always do even reps on each side. She's not off by much, but not totally even, either.

Instructor Comments:
I thought Leslie was a little less chatty in this one. She's very pleasant and motivating.



This is a short toning tape that runs about 35 minutes. Leslie leads the workout and has 2 background exercisers. I purchased this workout hoping it would be something I could do as a recovered from a broken leg. It is going to be perfect for what I wanted. Leslie uses light handweights for the upper body exercises at the beginning and then uses ankle weights for the lower body exercises. There is a short abs section at the end. The exercises are all very basic and easy to follow. Leslie does a fairly good number of reps of each exercise. I though the music was very pleasant in this one. This would be a great toning workout for a beginner or low intermediate exerciser.

Instructor Comments:
Same old Leslie.