Walk Away The Pounds: Muscle Mile One

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Muscle Mile One is an add on to the original Walk Away the Pound Series. I just got the DVD version and the quality is very good -- both sound and picture. The set is in a carpeted studio, and it is Leslie with Mary Kaye and Sandy. It is a one mile "walk" using the weighted balls for the whole workout, except for the warmup and cool down. The pace doesn't seem as fast as Power Mile, yet the time of the workout is about the same - about 17 minutes. Leslie basic steps are used throughout -- side steps, kicks, walks and knee lifts. You work your upper body at the same time by lifting the weighted balls out to the side, over your shoulders and with side delt raises. The time really goes fast. I consider this anywhere from a beginner to low intermediate workout. It can be used as a warmup for weights or for an "I don't feel like working out" workout (usually early in the morning!). It was fun, went by quickly, and is a workout I will look forward to doing again and again.

Instructor Comments:
I like Leslie in her workouts and this one is no exception. She is very friendly and pleasant in this one. She gives good instruction and is not overly chatty.