Victoria's Trim and Tone (BodyBar Workout)

Victoria Johnson
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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A workout that gets alot done in 30 minutes! The cast used 8 pound bodybars, I used my 18 pound bar. Victoria does a 2-in-1 movement such as overhead press with a squat, bicep curls with lunges, etc.

She doesn't take a lot of breaks so it's kind of like a circuit. Victoria talks throughout the workout but it's not chatty, it makes you feel like you are right there! She made me laugh when she showed the correct form for squats-"You sit back like you're sitting in a chair. Don't stick your butt out (she demonstrates) Ohh---That's ugly!!"

Overall, I would rate this an intermediate tape, it's a good tape for me right now because I've hit a slump. Enjoyable workout!


I really wish Victoria would come out with some advanced tapes-She's GREAT!!

Instructor Comments:
High energy, likable instructor. In this video I thought she was Donna Richardson's sister-they look a lot alike! Throughout the workout, gave tips on things like alignment, form and technique. She encourages the exerciser to modify.

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