The Ultimate Club Workout

Michael Carson
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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If you've joined a gym or have a new universal at home, this video is perfect for you--its a gym workout 101. While most of these sets could be done at home with a barbell and weights, others require equipment (no alternatives shown).

The exercises demo'd include:

Bench press
Chest flyes
Incline bench press
Lat Pull down
Seated back row, lower
Seated back row, upper
Tricep extension
Bicep curl
Lateral Side Deltoid
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls

Interspersed are stretches which take advantage of equipment in the gym. Michael and his training partner rotate with each other just like you would do with a partner at the gym, so in most instances if you were following the routine you would get two sets of each exercise. Michael also gives many form pointers, especially ones where joints may be compromised by doing the exercise the wrong way.

I keep wondering if this is the guy who used to be in Kathy Smith's workouts (its been a while since I did one of her tapes). There is a quote from her on the front and he reminds me of the guy in her winning workout. He is friendly and informative.

The tape is dedicated to Linda Sobek, the LA cheerleader who was found murdered in the LA highlands a few years ago. She is in the intro, but doesn't appear any where else.

Included with the video is a program booklet describing the exercises (run off on a photocopier) and an audio cassette which also goes through the exercises demo'd on the video.

running time: 36 minutes
workout length: 30 minutes

Kat D.