Turbo Jam: 3T Totally Tubular Turbo

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I was kind of disappointed in this workout because Turbo Jam has such a following and I was expecting a blow your mind workout. This workout was NOT that. It was short and easy. I could see an exerciser that is a beginner enjoying this but no one near advanced. She does a series of exercises with a tube-nothing spectacular and a few that she does are downright uncomfortable. There's one where she holds the tubing behind her back and pulls up on it for triceps - the tubing totally digs into your back - not fun! It DOES work the total body and Chalene is great so if you're a beginner I highly recommend it. If your advanced, don't waste your money!

Instructor Comments:
This was my first time working out with Chalene and I have to say, I really liked her. She is energetic, friendly, empathic (which is a quality I love in instructors) and supportive. I like her enough that based on that alone, I'd try her other workouts. She stands out as an instructor.

Denise Berger


Turbo Jam 3T: Totally Tubular Turbo is a 32 minute total body toning workout that uses resistance tubing. I'd say that the workout falls at a low intermediate level, although I think it could be made more advanced by using tubing with more resistance or heavier dumbells.

Set: It looks like a loft. There is nothing in the large room except for a wood floor and large different colored banners that hang in the background.

Cast & Outfits. There are 10 cast members plus Chalene. I recognized Janelle, Mindy, Anna Rita, and Holly from the previous releases. Everyone is wearing athletic wear. Chalene is wearing grey shorts with an orange top. The cast is wearing either black shorts or pants and most are wearing blue tops. A couple are in all black.

Music: The music is dance/techno, except in the cool down. I didn't immediately recognize any of the songs. While I didn't think it was bad, it didn't jump out as me like the music from previous TJ releases. The voice to music ratio was good.

Equipment: Tubing or dumbells. A mat or towel is optional for doing the ending ab floorwork.

The workout is broken into 6 chapter points: warm up, biceps & outer thighs, shoulders & thighs, triceps & glutes, back & outer thighs, abs, and cool down.

Warm Up: Is very similiar to previous TJ warm ups. Moves include shoulder rolls, jabs, crosses, hooks, upper cuts, squats, lateral raises, hip flexor stretch, hamstring stretch and side lunges.

Biceps & Outer Thighs: You start with biceps curls (2,2 count, single count, pulses) and transition into side angle curls. Then you go to standing side leg lifts w/ the tubing transitioning to back leg lifts (single count, then pulses). You repeat the biceps sequences then do the leg sequence on the other leg. This segment ends with a brief stretch.

Shoulders & Thighs: You start with side lateral raises (double arm 2, 2 count, single arm alternating, single arm double count). Then you go into lunges with the tubing (2, 2 count, singles w/ glute raise, 1-hold-3 up count). Once again you repeat the side lateral sequence then do the lunge sequence on the other leg. I did notice some form and other errors in this segment. One woman appears to be doing front raises vs. the side raises. Also, I didn't like Chalene's form on the lunges. She seemed to be too bent over at the waist. Other cast members appear to be doing a better job at staying taller so I would watch them instead.

Triceps & glutes: You start with an overhead press (2, 2 count, then singles) then go into kickbacks (2,2 count, then singles). You repeat the sequence on the other arm. Then you go into squats (2, 2 count, 1,3 count, singles, pulses).

Back & Outer Thigh: If you are using tubing, you are seated. If using dumbells, you are standing. This segment begins with either seated or bent over rows. You start with regular grip then transition into close grip. After the back work, you go into either lying or standing leg abduction. I personally like the lying leg abduction using the tubing. It really hits the outer thighs.

Abs: After transitioning to the floor, you start with knee drops. The next move reminded me of the pilates 100, except you're criss crossing you ankles and not pulsing your arms. Next come angled oblique crunches to oblique jack knifes. On to lean backs, with or without arms on legs. Back to obliques for lying oblique crunches to swivel crunches. You finish off abs with planks with four knees in, then four legs lifts. You repeat planks again, using the other leg. I found it odd that during the 'rest' in between planks and right at the end of the segment, Chalene has you doing triceps push ups. Maybe she released that there was no chest work any where else in the workout and threw it in at the end. I didn't think the triceps push ups belonged in this segment. For me, it broke the focus of what I was trying to do.

Cool Down: Is much less Tai Chi oriented than previous TJ cooldowns and is instead based more on yoga poses (although there is no yoga terminology other than the names of the poses and no focus on mind body connection, etc.). You do a quadriceps stretch that you can take into bow pose, child's pose, cat pose, staff pose, the seated twist, and end with wide angular pose.

Overall, I liked this workout and I also struggle with how it would fit into my workout rotations and what I like to do. The length of the workout and the omission of chest work keeps it from being a solid total body workout. I could see it being a great video to travel with (since tubing is so portable). I like tubing for resistance training and since there are so few workouts that utilize it, this workout fills that void. It could also be a great add on to a shorter cardio (I imagine myself combining the 20 minute workout and this for a longer workout). So while I like it, the shortcomings mentioned above keep me from giving it a totally enthusiastic review. My grade: B.

Instructor Comments:
Chalene looks wonderful in this video. Very fit and toned. She has a natural presence in front of the camera. She offers form pointer throughout and engages in other casual chit chat. She does a good job of making the at home participant feel like part of the 'gang'.

Sabine Reuter