Tube And Tone In 15

Tracy York, Michelle Dozois, Gloria Quinlan, Pam Archer, Debbee Sharpe
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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For years I have been a lover of iron when it comes to doing my strength training workouts but in my quest to find something new and different, I have been experementing more with pumping rubber for my resitance training. With pilates and yoga being all the craze these days (both involve stretching and strengthening the muscles)I thought resistance tube toning workouts would be the perfect complement to a rotation using lots of pilates and yoga type of exercises.

This little jewel of a tape I found working at Jenny Craig part-time as a counselor. Jenny Craig no longer sells the tapes in its centers but I do believe you can order it off of their website.

This tape is divided into three parts: 1) a 15 minute lower body workout utilizing the resistance tube to do squats, lunges, plie squats, hamstring, and exercises for the quads. To my surprise, my legs and glutes really got a tough workout; 2) a 15 minute upper body routine which gives no mercy to your chest, bi's, tri's, back and shoulders. Excellent rotator cuff moves are included; and 3) a 15 minute total body workout rotating upper and lower body moves. Ab work is also included this workout using the resistance tube. You bring the tube across your back and tighten the handles around your hands brining the knee to the opposite elbow. This exercise is done standing up.

You don't need a lot of space to do this workout and it can be easily adjusted to suit all fitness levels. If you want a really tough workout, just try doing this workout with a blue resistance tube (which is considered heavy resistance) or stick to one of the lighter tubes for an easier workout. Usually, I will use a heavier resistance for the back exercises and lower body and go easier on the shoulders.

I just started this whole tube tone, pilates rotation and my goal is to achieve a more lengthened and toned look. Using Tube and Tone in 15 definately will make it easier for me to stick to this routine. The workout is excellent, the instrutors are friendly and upbeat and the production quality is superb. I highly recommend this video!

Instructor Comments:
A very lively bunch of expert fitness instructors who teach clearly and have created a very well rounded, solid, easy to follow, resistance tube strength training program.

Tiffanee Saunders