Tricord Workout

Charles Shand
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Although the box lists this work out as 40 minutes, it is really only 25 including warm-up and cool-down. Like many Living Arts videos, it features a voice-over and non-mirror cueing. It is set outdoors by a lake.

The video starts with instructions on assembling the tricord. The warm-up lasts 2.5 minutes and consists of shoulder and neck rolls, chest and shoulder stretch, and a single down-dog, cobra, updog, dolphin sequence.

The standing strength section lasts about 16 minutes and is comprised of ten superset exercises working the upper and lower body simultaneously. The names of each set of exercises appears on the screen just before you do them. The exercises are:

- Abduction and Chest Press (alternating side squats with chest press) - 8 each leg
- Wide squat with chest flys - 12 reps
- Alternating backward lunge with wide lat pulldown - 10 reps left then 10 right
- Bent over rows - 12 reps
- Standing calf raise with shoulder press - 12 reps
- Close stance squats with side lateral raise - 12 reps
- Front lateral raise with static backward lunge - 10 each leg
- Alternating single leg extension with rear delt fly (balance on one leg and raise other bent from knee - 10 reps
- Biceps Curl - 12 reps
- Triceps Kickback

After doing all 10 supersets, the sets are repeated a second time. Then you go down to the floor for 4.5 minutes of abs consisting of reverse crunch, oblique crossover crunch (12 reps each), planks, side body raise (raise hips off ground while resting on elbow), and then another set of planks. The cooldown is about 2 minutes.

What I liked about the workout:
+ Hits all muscle groups with 8-12 reps in 2 sets
+ Working upper and lower body together but didn't feel anything in the lowerbody
+ Nice scenery
+ Shows 3 levels of modification
+ Good form pointers

What I did not like:
- Non-mirror cueing
- Too short
- Did not feel sufficiently worked out

This video might be good if you want to learn exercises to do with tubing. Intermediate and advanced users will probably not feel like they got a thorough workout. I don't use tubing often, but I think Straight Up Sculpt, the strength sections of Super Conditioning, or even the toning sections of many CIA tapes are more challenging and/or fun.

Instructor Comments:
Gives good form pointers but not very motivating and does not display any personality

Felicia Williams