Total Body Workout

Cory Everson
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I rented this video, watched it for a while, and never actually did the workout. It was the type of video I imagine most people picture when I tell them I work out to videos.

The set had a really weird look to it ... there was nothing there but wall and floor, which was all the same sort of orange color, so it gave the effect of this never-ending sort of room. The warm-up was enough to turn me off - all they did was a bunch of toe-taps and heel-taps, with different arm moves. Cory has this really weird way of counting, too. She kept going, "Two, two, three-four." What the heck is that?

The next few sections were "toning," like squats and upper body work. If I had done part of the tape, it would have been this. It looked like it could have been decent, but I prefer the Firm.

I thought I would try the step section until I saw it. Boring moves, strange cuing, that weird orange set ... actually, this is the point where I stopped the tape, rewound, and returned.

Instructor Comments:
I kinda felt like a guy while watching this video. I could not stop thinking about great looking Cory was! Her waist-to-shoulder proportion was perfect, as was her hair and muscular legs. You get the impression she has never led an exercise class before, though. I noticed that some of the counting was a bit off but, otherwise had no problems following instruction. I hate complicated hard to follow moves. The moves in the tape were simple and easy to follow.



This tape is divided into segments of upper-body weight lifting, lower body toning, stepping, and interval training so you can do parts or the whole thing. Good idea, but Cory is more bodybuilder than instructor; she cues poorly and at one point starts a segment in the _middle_ of a set! And if you believe she got those ripped thighs from doing five minutes of floor leg lifts, I got a Thighmaster to sell you. I can't imagine why this got such good reviews; I want my money back.
Grade: C-

Sue B