Total Body Sculpting

Jane Fonda
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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The tape starts with a short introduction about the benefits of weight training.

Jane Fonda is alone in the two workouts, each of which has its own warming-up and cooldown. The idea is to alternate the two, doing both twice a week. (I've been using them when I don't have much time to spend working out.)

You move through the exercises quickly. When I first did this tape I'd been using weights twice a week for just seven weeks, and I found it a bit hard to keep up. If I didn't feel I was in the correct position at the start of each exercise, I just paused the tape. I like these workouts - they are concise and to the point. Although they're short (25 mins), I feel like I've worked hard and haven't been wasting my time.

Instructor Comments:
As usual Jane's instruction is clear, and she gives regular reminders to check your posture. She often also shows what you should NOT do. She is friendly and cheerful without sounding phony.

Glynis van Uden


Jane teaches both classes, each of which strengthen different muscle groups with free weights and exercises such as lunges and squats. I like this video best of the three in the "trilogy". I have enjoyed weight training for years, and her Toning and Shaping video (from the late 1980s) is a long-time favorite of mine. When I don't have the full 45 minutes for that video, the 25-minute class in this new video is a good change of pace, and the movements are very effective.

Janice Molina


I enjoyed this video and found it to be effective. Jane worked a good variety of muscle groups. My only comment is that I felt the abs portion could have been a bit longer. This is especially good for those who are beginner/intermediate level. Advanced may want to add an extra set, since Jane only does 2 sets of 12.

Kathy Lapinski


Jane seems a little more "mellower" in this tape. I have noticed this in her last few tapes. Her cueing is as good as ever.

This video is divided into two 25 minute classes. The toning style is similiar to "The Firm"- you move quickly from one exercise to the next without a rest period. I would recommend someone using lighter weights for this video than they would if they did the typical 10-12 rep set followed by a 30-60 second rest period. Personally, I enjoy this tape-I was able to follow it fairly well on the first try. The exercises are traditional weight training moves, and the two classes offer more variety in moves. It is also a little different in that Jane is alone-so if you do not care for some of her other tapes this might be one to try.

Susan Daiber