Toning Mind And Body

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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A very interesting,unique tape,combining isometric toning with stretching for a 30-min. routine that focuses the mind and body together. All you need is a pair of washcloths (for working on a hard floor) or a pair of plastic bags (for work on carpet).

Beginning with some gentle stretches,the tape proceeds through a series of slow,controlled sliding moves targeting specific areas of the body (lunges for lower body,seated/kneeling positions supported by the arms for chest/torso,plus a gentle ab crunch variation).

The challenge is in the slow tempo-you're forced to really focus on what you're doing and to exert control over every move. The effect is similar to tai ch'uan.

Straightforward camera angles make it easy to check your form,and her direction is calming,clear,and encouraging. Especially good for beginners or anyone recuperating from injury,etc,this tape is great for anyone to unwind, go slow, and develop physical/mental control and balance.

Michelle Bourg