Tone Up

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1986

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Sequence of video:

Intro: 6 minutes.
-explains how to use the resistance bands
-tells us their will be picture in picture for some things such as for showing modifications and for showing foot work.

Warm Up: 6 minutes

Arm Work: 5 minutes. Uses resistance bands standing and sitting.

She has 4 distinct aerobic sections. Each one has its own flavor and floor work. Once you are done with that segment it does not show up again in the next one. All have pieces of high and low impact aerobics.

Aerobics 1: 4.5 minutes Low to high impact.

Aerobics 2: 6 minutes. TIFTing. She starts on the right side of the room and you criss cross to the left and then back to the right. Each time that you get back to the right side of the room she adds a new move until the time is up.

Pulse Check

Aerobics 3: 5.5 minutes. She has 5 other people with her thru out the video and in this segment she has them all in a line including herself and lets each one lead thru a move.

Aerobics 4: 5 minutes. Very dancey. Well to me anyway I have two left feet.

Pulse Check

Abs: 5 minutes. CRUNCH CITY! This section is only 5 minutes, but she has you keep the abs engaged the whole time!

Leg Work: 10 minutes. Again using bands. There is some floor work as well as standing with a chair. Tough section.

Cool down: 6 minutes.

Set: Inside, nothing special. Music is good. 4-5 other people with her, 2 of which are male. Well lit area. Sound quality is good.

This is an older video (1986), but the clothes are fine, there are no leg warmers, so it does not look terribly dated. The guys were in shorts, Kathy had on a leotard. She is a bit "hippier" than in her new stuff, but she looks amazing.

I purchased this video for a buck from overstock. I had no idea of the level of exerciser it was targeting as I could not find any reviews, so I took a chance.
I think it is an all around decent video. She works every muscle you got.
I am an intermediate exerciser and will need to build up to this one.

Instructor Comments:
She is pretty good in the video. No woops or "uh huhs." She does pretty well at cueing. She could have been better at cueing during the abs section.

I would say this is an intermediate to advanced video, based on impact, intensity and how fast she went and how little time she gave in between for recovery.