Upgraded T-Tapp Total Workout

Teresa Tapp

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Tapes inc. in set:
- NEW Instructional Tape 1 [Putting Body in Alignment for Increased Fat Burning]
- NEW Instructional Tape 2 [Building Balance and Inch-Loss Layer by Layer]
- Basic Plus Workout [Instructional Tape 1 PLUS Hoe Downs w/ no instruction]
- T-Tapp to Tempo [Beg/Rehab taught at a smooth slow pace for optimum fat burning]

*I won't describe the moves as previous reviewers have done so and there is no need for me to repeat*

I dived straight into T-Tapp with a 14 Day BootCamp (the longest she advises). A BC is doing the Total WO everyday for at least 4 days and a maximum of 14 days.

I started with the instructionals. These are taught in the Tiffany Ballroom at the Belleview Biltmore Hotel (or something similar) in Florida, with Teresa and a class of T-Tappers. They range in age from 8 to about 80, and have a range of different shapes and sizes (which I liked). The instructionals are not only good for beginners to get the hang of the moves, but are also vital to learn correct form (VERY important in T-Tapp as being slightly off form could dramatically change results). In the first instructional she explains different body types at the beginning (I'm a True Combo), takes you and her class through the Basic Workout next, and at the end you see T-Tappers in her class giving their testimonials. The second instructional simply takes you through the next part of the workout.
The instructionals are essential for any Tapper, but can get slow after a while (although many often go back to them regularly to make sure they are maintaining optimal form). I really enjoyed doing these but soon found myself wanting to move straight through, without all the talking.

Basic Plus Workout is also filmed at the same location as the instructionals, but with a smaller class, and again has more (longer) testimonials at the end.

T-Tapp to Tempo - I really enjoyed this!!! This is filmed in the home setting and it's just you and Teresa. This left me sweating! I wasn't so keen about the stuff she sprayed in her mouth for 'optimal fat burning' but the workout I had was great. She just takes you right through with NO instruction, just form pointers (and plenty of them!).

After my BC I didn't have exceptional inch-loss - 4.25" overall (about 1.25" from waist). In fact, I'd had better inch-loss from doing LifeLift. However, I did enjoy the workout - something I have never experienced before! This alone is good enough for me. Also, I just have more energy and FEEL stronger, and WANT to work out more.
Being someone who just couldn't really get INTO exercise before (such as Pilates, Yoga, Tae Bo, Callanetics), this was perfect for me - not calm but not too hyper. Obviously it's not for everyone (but what is?!), but some will like it.

Instructor Comments:
I love Teresa's style. I quite enjoy her 'sing-song' style of teaching, and the way she counts reps while giving form pointers in between (and almost as if she KNOWS that you're not tucking as hard, etc.).
I really like the setting she uses for her workouts, and the fact that she has no music (although some people may be put off by these factors).
She certainly appears to be one very fit lady who knows her workout inside out. How she manages to count reps, give form pointers, and maintain good form herself I'll never know!

Vicky Owen