T-Tapp: Total Workout: Beginner/rehab

Teresa Tapp

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This one is filmed in Teresa's own living room. Very pretty too, I might add! She has two background exercisers. One is 30 years old and has some obvious strength and really good form, the other is 75 and I love watching her because you go girl!

It's 53 minutes long and is comprised of the moves found in Teresa's book "Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes". There is no instruction as there are in the Instructionals (I'll review those today too), but there are plenty of form reminders and a few very quick water breaks.

If you're familiar with T-Tapp you already know form is crucial to the program's success. Shoulders back, butt tucked, stomach in, knee to little toe, no big toe. There is no music in her workouts for a very good reason - you need to CONCENTRATE to hold the stance and thus make the moves really count and get phenomenal results. In four weeks of T-Tapp I lost nineteen and a half inches.

The workout moves fast, but not so fast you can't keep up once you know the moves. All areas are worked, but you won't feel spent or beat afterwards. Instead you'll feel energized! Wear a HR monitor or you won't believe watching it that it's cardio. It is! It's also strength, and we never pick up a weight.

T-Tapp is isometic contraction as opposed to isotonic. The muscle is worked at both insertion sites, resulting in lean muscles as opposed to bulky ones. Because we contract five to seven muscle groups at once (assuming you're paying attention to form), we work harder. It's also designed to be rehabilitative. Your aching joints will improve quickly!

This workout is considered the backbone of T-Tapp, so if you're on the fence, buy the system so you'll have the Instructionals as well, and will get full benefits.

A+++++!!! I really love it!!

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