T-Tapp Target Pop Video: T-Tapp Twist

Teresa Tapp

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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COMMENTS ABOUT INSTUCTOR: Like usual Teresa explains things not only visually but how you should feel the movement. It's as though she is in the room with you and reminding you of correct form right when you need it.

COMMENTS ABOUT VIDEO: In this nearly 11 minute POP video Teresa explains why she created the movement (to help people with lower back pain or whose chiropractic alignment is off) and how it accomplishes not only that, but also helps to strengthen the entire trunk and back area. She also shows the second part of the movement, which is "Pull the Weeds." This movement utilizes the arms and you do lock arms in this, it is a real burner for the triceps and shoulders for me.

This is another core movement to the T-Tapp exercises. Alignment is explained in great deal with examples of correct and incorrect alignment. This is a very hard move for most people, me included, to do well and I really recommend this video if in any way you aren't quite feeling the T-Tapp Twists or feel you could use the help on form. Again, Teresa points out it's not how low you go in the stretching part of the movement, but that form is more important. She goes really slowly through this series of exercises (more so than I recall the instructional tape) so you can really concentrate on form along with her reminders of where your body should be at that exact second. For me the use of a mirror is extremely helpful in learning this movement because you can catch yourself doing so many things incorrectly, fix them, and get so much more out of it. There is a mini-workout of four reps in this tape so you could utilize it as part of a broken up workout day or a really short day (after you do Primary Back Stretch of course!).

Stephanie Bridges