T-Tapp Target Pop Video: Primary Back Stretch

Teresa Tapp

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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COMMENTS ABOUT INSTUCTOR: Again Teresa seems to know exactly how to describe how to do the movements. She tells you not only what it should look like, but feel like; and points out common mistakes. She does come across as more down to earth than ever, even talking very briefly about Beavis and Butthead.

COMMENTS ABOUT VIDEO: In this video Teresa explains the reason behind the Primary Back Stretch, which is to open neuro-kinetic flow to the body. This exercise is not just for use before T-Tapp workouts but all workouts. She suggests doing PBS every morning or before your workout to help increase circulation, warm the muscles, help increase the metabolic rate, and get you into your heart training zone faster. I found the latter to definitely be true as I do get into my heart rate training zone much faster when I do PBS (both pre-pregnancy and now while I am pregnant) than I do if I skip PBS before any workout. Then she explains why form is so important and goes into great detail regarding correct anatomic alignment for the PBS while you perform the movements with her. She points out everything that you could possibly miss in the instructionals, although I thought the instructionals were very thorough for this move. Like always Teresa points out that correct form is far more important than how far you can stretch. You do go through the PBS during this tape so if you were to buy this separately you could IMO use this before any workout. This is an approximately 12 minute long tape.

Stephanie Bridges