T-Tapp Target Pop Video: Plies

Teresa Tapp

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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COMMENTS ABOUT INSTRUCTOR: Teresa is VERY thorough in this video. If you haven't been about to get the knee to little toe during the plie sequences you NEED this tape. I have a short torso and Teresa says it is harder for those us who who do have a short torso to get the position correctly, and she was right. This video explains it thoroughly.

COMMENTS ABOUT VIDEO: This is a 6 minute POP video, which focuses on plie form for the workouts (total body and mini-maxes) it is NOT a workout tape and does not include the Primary Back Stretch. That said, if you have problems with knee to little toe (KLT), the butt tuck, and positioning of the feet this tape will answer why and help. For T-Tapp plies you do not do typical ballet-styled plie squats the legs are hip to shoulder distance apart at most and the feet are turned out only 30 to 45 degrees, which helps you maintain the butt tuck and KLT.

Stephanie Bridges