T-Tapp Target Pop Video: Lunge Sequence

Teresa Tapp

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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COMMENTS ABOUT INSTUCTOR: Teresa is very thorough in explaining how your body should look and feel throughout the exercises, and seems to know EXACTLY when to tell you to fix your form. Again Teresa points out that a few reps with good form is far more important and effective than doing lots of reps with bad form.

COMMENTS ABOUT VIDEO: In this video Teresa teaches how using Knee to Little toe makes lunges a lot more effective in debulking rather than bulking up the lower body. She shows all three parts of her lunge sequence; the first one reminds me of a fencing move (her side lunge), the next is a regular lunge (front lunge), and the final are drop lunges. For those lunge haters out there these are all stationery lunges so it saves the knees. All three utilize KLT principles. You do lock joints in some movements, but she explains where and why. Because you NEVER rest the muscles (so as not to bulk) you end up working the lower body until it fatigues, and when done correctly that is with only 8-10 reps (which amazed and amazes me). There are a LOT of pointers in this tape and while the instructionals are very thorough in explaining this move, I found that this POP gives you a little more information to get the most out of lunging if you feel your form is off. She also gives a little bit of form pointers on doing plies, i.e. how far apart are the hips, KLT, butt tuck, and feet at no more than 45 degrees. Again I found a mirror quite helpful especially for drop lunges. This is about a 14 minute video. There is a little mini-workout (four reps of each kind of lunge, both sides) in this tape, but it is in between and during the instruction.

Stephanie Bridges