T-Tapp: Points of Perfection Arms

Teresa Tapp

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is a 9 minute instructional tape on how to do the arm exercises in T-Tapp. It is NOT a workout tape just instructional. It is done in the family-room type setting with just you and Teresa. Teresa explains that when doing her arm sequences such as biceps curls you need to keep your arms out to the side with elbows at or a little above shoulder level, this way you will feel it in your triceps as well. I certainly did. Another pointer was arms behind the ears for the plies, jumping jacks, and puppet pulls. It is really hard to explain the exercise pointers because you really need to know what exercises I am talking about, but this is a good pointer tape for those who do have T-Tapp and are NOT feeling the burn in their arms. If you do have T-Tapp and need help with those sequences I would recommend it, it really will not help you if you are weight training at all as it is the opposite of weight training principles, i.e. Teresa tells you to lock the joints where in weight training you never fully extend and lock joints.

Instructor Comments:
Teresa is very thorough in her explanations and demonstrates the moves very well so you really get what she is trying to say.

Stephanie Bridges