T-Tapp: Mini-max 5 Fundamental Workout

Teresa Tapp

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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COMMENTS ABOUT INSTRUCTOR: This tape is without much instruction, other than Teresa's being able to tell you exactly when to push those knees out, torque that spine, etc.

COMMENTS ABOUT VIDEO: This is a the 13 minute fundamental workout which I think works well with either coming off an illness, trying to really stick with your goal when you aren't motivated, and is PERFECT to use before any cardio or weight training activity. It is the intermediate workout up to and including the T-Tapp twists. There is little to no instruction in this tape, but of course Teresa reminds you of pushing out those knees, tucking that butt, etc. I don't feel it is a mandatory tape because you could just start one of the total body workouts and quit after the T-Tapp twists, but it is a good quality workout and I enjoyed it.

Stephanie Bridges