T-Tapp: Mini-max 4 Lower Body/floor

Teresa Tapp
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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COMMENTS ABOUT INSTRUCTOR: Teresa goes faster in this tape than the intermediate total body tape and I think even more so than the advanced total body tape. Like always she know exactly when to tell you to hold in that gut or do knee to little toe.

COMMENTS ABOUT VIDEO: It is a 28 minute workout which includes about 12-15 minutes of standing work and the rest is on the floor with gravity. There is no instruction on previous moves such as Thread the Needles or Primary Back Stretch, but the new moves in the video are explained thoroughly enough IMO not to require purchase of a POP video for it. The new moves are Awesome Legs which really targets the entire leg; Pretzel Stretch which is not as yogi as it sounds it is more of a lengthening and trunk strenthening stretch, nothing really bizarre; and Diva Derriere which targets the hamstrings, outer thigh, and glutes-and when done correctly gives quite a little burn. I feel if you combine this tape with Mini-Max One, the upper body, you get a complete workout including parts of Hit the Floor. It doesn 't contain the crunches in Hit the Floor, but the Half Frogs and Organs in Place sequence are there (although not explained as it is assumed you have them from the Hit the Floor tapes or POP videos). I always feel like I've had a really good workout on my lower body and abs from this one.

Stephanie Bridges