T-Tapp: Mini-max 2 Middle Body

Teresa Tapp
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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COMMENTS ABOUT INSTRUCTOR: Teresa like is there to motivate and cue, encouraging you to maintain form.

COMMENTS ABOUT VIDEO: In this 24 minute all standing middle body workout you use a few new moves which aren't on the total body tapes such as Eye of the Tiger (which is demonstrated and explained as you do it) and Archery Pulls (again demonstrated and explained during the workout). There is the traditional T-Tapp fundamental workout with an emphasis on the torso, although the legs and arms do get some work (arms from Pull the Weeds and Plies mostly). The only flaw in this video is that when doing the second set of the Balance Sequence Teresa doesn't do the knee up and out portion, so you either have to stop the tape and do it yourself or rewind to the first set and repeat it twice (which is what I do so my speed of reps stays consistent).

Stephanie Bridges