T-Tapp: Mini-max 1 Upper Body/arms

Teresa Tapp
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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COMMENTS ABOUT INSTRUCTOR: Teresa really makes sure in this video to remind you of arm movement pointers, i.e. box those ears, elbows out, etc.

COMMENTS ABOUT VIDEO: This 18 minute video is all standing and starts with the Primary Back stretch and has an emphasis on arms, which amazingly are only about 8 minutes long but that is the MOST intense 8 minutes for your arms in all the T-Tapp videos so far. There are two sets of 10 reps for most exercises for the arms and upper body, and more hitchhikers than I care to count. I really like to do this video pre-cardio on a non-weight day to get that burn and I really think it helped to slim down the bulk on my upper arms so now I can almost see my shoulders even not flexed!

Stephanie Bridges