T-Tapp: Basic Workout Plus

Teresa Tapp
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is filmed in what appears to be a conference room or a small ballroom at the Biltmore Hotel in Florida, and she has three background exercisers. One is a T-Tapp trainer from CA.

This workout is comprised of the moves in Instructional #1, plus Hoe Downs. It's about 16 minutes long. There is no instruction but plenty of form reminders. I would recommend if you are new to T-Tapp you first do Instructional #1 before attempting this to get the form down right and thus get the full benefits of this program.

Form is crucial to T-Tapp: butt tucked, stomach in, shoulders back, knee to little toe, no big toe. T-Tapp is isometric as opposed to isotonic, and we contract five to seven muscle groups at once, resulting in more work (and more fat burning!), and long lean muscles as opposed to short bulky ones. The muscles are worked at both insertion points. In four weeks of T-Tapp I lost nineteen and a half inches.

I love this workout because you can get a very good workout in 16 minutes that will leave you feeling energized, not beat or spent. It can be done every day.

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