Strength Training: Real Women--Real Bodies

Karen Donaldson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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On preview I think it's pretty decent. Well-chaptered if you have a programmable DVD player (but there's no "menu" from which to select particular sections). Music reminds me of Sesame Street. You'd want to have tubing or bands, ideally with handles, as well as one of those circular tubes for putting around the ankles. Not a lot of wasted instructional time. Reps aren't all that slow but aren't that fast either. It's not nearly as unprofessional as the packaging made it look. The lead exerciser has good form and has her background people demonstrating verrry easy modifications. I wish she gave a few more form pointers for the abs section, though. Depending on the resistance of your tubing I think you can get in a good strength maintenance workout with this.

If you require that there be people in your exercise videos that you consider particularly trim and cut, this is not the DVD for you. But for women who are verry out of shape or who are completely new to training with weights or scared of using dumbbells I think this would be a good intro to strength training. Not that there's anything wrong with just using tubing--I've been using it to rehabilitate my shoulder and have been impressed with its versatility.

Instructor Comments:
Karen is perfectly pleasant. I didn't hear any annoying whooping.