The Steel Physique System

Year Released: 2007

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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An integrated 4 workout program that when done in rotation works with each others strengths. The program is layed out specifically in a rotation so the participant knows exactly what to do. (and this maximizes the benefits)

The Signature Workout:

This is a total body weight workout designed to increase muscular endurance. (and strengthen and tone the muscles) CarolAnn works through a tightly choreographed barbell routine (you choose the weight/intensity based on your training level). In addition to the barbell you'll need an 8 to 10 inch step (depending on your height/level) and a mat.

Each muscle group is worked to a music track. The choreography follows along to the beat of the music and CarolAnn uses multiple counts. She begins with 4/4 count, then 2/2 count, then 3/1 count and then a 1/3 count. She also includes single counts (or with the beat) along with bottom/top half pause counts. Between each muscle group you'll pause to change weight to work the next muscle group. (legs/back for example are usually able to handle more weight where smaller muscle groups, say triceps, would handle lighter poundage)

CarolAnn provides great tips, before and during, the workout. (great for beginners or those who want to focus on their form) She includes lifting techniques to help prevent injury.

For the warmup, CarolAnn uses medium weight and performs several slow and controlled exercises that will warm up the areas you'll be working. She performs the warmup alone. For the workout, you'll perform the following exercises all set to its own track: Squat, bench press, lower/upper back, triceps, biceps, lunges, shoulders and abs. Usually working alone, in some tracks she will have 1 assistant. She concludes the workout with stretches.

CarolAnn works each muscle group to fatigue to create sleek and lean muscles. With various counts and reps, it clearly is an endurance workout similar to Body Pump. It's an enjoyable way to gain definition.

Steel Pilates Physique:

This workout utilizes 1-3 pound hand weights and would be done on alternate days from the Steel Physique workout. You'll improve posture and core strength, increase flexibility and tone your muscles. Working from your powerhouse (the abs, back and glutes), you'll perform both standing and floor mat exercises. CarolAnn and her background exercisers begin with a standing warmup. The standing exercises are reminiscent of a fusion of pilates and ballet type movements. CarolAnn also blends traditional toning into the sequence (lunges, bicep curls, lateral raises, etc). The floorwork also uses the weights to make the exercises harder. As always, CarolAnn offers tips to ensure proper form. A relaxing stretch completes the program.

Steel Yoga Physique:

Again using very light weights, this workout compliments the others. (it's suggested to do any of the weighted workouts on alternate days to give the muscles adequate rest) CarolAnn and 3 assistants guide you through the practice. Careful instruction and a modifier will benefit beginners. You'll perform precise reps that are integrated within the yoga poses. CarolAnn concludes the practice with ab, back and core training on the floor. (sometimes using your own body weight for resistance in addition to the hand weights) Relaxing stretches for the total body cools down the body and finishes the session.

Absolutely Steel:

This workout contains 3, 10 minute routines that blend pilates and traditional core training. She developed them as a progressional series--1st one being beginner, the 2nd more intermediate and the 3rd being the most advanced. These workouts can be done anytime and you can choose to do one sequence or all depending on your level. Laura and Ethan assist CarolAnn in this workout.

Instructor Comments:

These are dvd-r, in case that matters.