Start Up

Jane Fonda
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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A 25 minute light-to-moderate program that's less than a full workout. It tones legs, hips, butt, abdominals, arms and waist. For those with limited time, or limited ability, this is a great class. The music may be an adjustment, since it's all re-mixed classical music. But the moves are simple, yet slightly challenging. For beginners of all ages. Planned to be released as "Jane Fonda's Stretch and Strengthen Workout". That's why the editing looks so bad and the images are slow. It was originally a longer full workout. But this was a much better idea. The class is not flaky, since no one talks, and Jane is very unannoying compared to the rest of the videos. This is a highly enjoyable program.

Instructor Comments:
Jane leads a brief program with excellent leadership and teaching. She is very high-up with making sure you don't arch your back and that you keep all weight forward and look thin. She is very enthusiastic, yet calm and relaxed, leading a class for an expert cooling down or a starter just out of bed. No loud vocals, and very easy leading.

Michael B.