STS - Mesocycle 1 (Endurance)

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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What took me so long? I have owned this workout for about 2 years and finally decided to give a chance in January. The set is beautiful, and while the production value on this is among the best I have ever seen in a home workout, it was clear that this workout so much more than production. Cathe and cast are working hard and this motivated me to push myself as well. I am also increasingly becoming a fan of workouts where I donít have to keep pace with the instructor, and this one delivers on this. This means I can push myself to lift heavier or to complete as much reps as I can because itís ok to fall behind (or even get ahead) of the screen. The workout is a based on split approach -- with the body being divided into 3 zones. The chest segment is push-up heavy and the lower body segment heavy on deadlifts. However, at the end of 3 weeks, I could do a couple of pushups from knees, noticed increased definition in my triceps and biceps. I modified the schedule with 4 workouts (1 Chest, 1 Back and the Leg workout 2 twice) followed by a day or two of rest. Tough rotation and the end I was ready for something different. But was great way to shake up my workout! I would do an accelerated rotation again.



I completed Meso 1 and loved it! I was dreading meso 1 because although I love Cathe, I dislike her tendency for endless reps and sets and her focus on small muslce groups.(I use FF a lot in her other workouts) I am very happy with meso 1 routines. Yes its high rep but you do only 1 set which allows you to really go heavy then you move on to another muscle group after each set. Time goes by so fast! This style of training is decieving, the workouts went by so fast I didn't think I was hitting the muscle groups hard enough until the next day. I was sore in places I didn't know existed! I know DOMS is not an indicator of a great workout, but still most of us like to feel a little DOMS right? Each week does have repeated footage from the previous week, but also some new exercises and in a different order. Leg workouts were super tough, the paper plate exercises kicked my butt! I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone with meso 1. My only complaint is all the dang pushups! I felt like they were overkill (but I have wrist issues) I'd prefer the guys weren't on there they add nothing to the workout IMO, but once I hit PLAY I don't even notice them. I didn't really notice the music much either. I will say by week 4 I was getting very fatigued and couldn't wait for the rest week. I think the fatigue came from really pushing myself out of my comfort zone.I lost 4 lbs and 1 inch off my waist and didn't really clean up my diet, imagine the results I would have gotten if my diet was spot on! I was on the fence about canceling STS (came so close) but I'm SO GLAD I didnt' cancel. I'm looking forward to meso 2. THis is by far Cathes BEST weight training system IMO.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe's personality really shines in STS meso 1. Good cues, perfect form as always. The production quality is aweome on these DVDs.