Slammin' Sports Training

Mindy Mylrea

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is not an exercise along with video, but is great if you are looking at building a workout that you can take outdoors or to a gym. The video is an hour long and consists of various sections showing types of moves to be done on your own or with someone else; as well as, moves that are cardio or strength based.

As the video's title suggests, the moves are sports based. If you have seen any of Mindy Mylrea's videos, especially the CIA 2K02, you have an idea of the types of moves I am talking about. The cardio moves are based on fast moves that are low or high impact, and change direction and speed. This could be as simple moving in the shape of a box by running forward, shuffling to the side, back pedaling to the next corner and hopping to the starting point. The more you incorporate from the selection the more complicated the workout you make becomes. They have a sequence of using various lines on the ground and showing moves based on the pattern of the lines- parallel, a cross, a T, and a star. They show intervals using cones, using a soft material for hurdles; they show routines using a medicine ball etc… There is then a section where they go over practically every type of squat, lunge, push-up, ab crunch, etc… variation there is. There is also a section where they go over working with two people tethered to each other, which looks really difficult. There are other two person exercises and stretches also shown.

Overall, I was really impressed by the tape and feel motivated to try some of these moves outside myself. You can see the depth of ideas that have been the background for Mylrea's video workouts that she has done. If you are an instructor looking for ideas, or someone who likes to make up a personal program for training, this is a great tape to get.

Instructors' Review: Mindy and Tatiana look like they have been friends for a while. Both have a great way of explaining moves, and a sense of humor with each other. Both show great form and are knowledgeable of various sports and moves to help you be better equipped to perform them.

Lisa Kucharski