Sexy & Fit After 40

Dave Sinclair
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This video is definitely directed toward female exercisers.

the trainer is a guy named dave sinclair and with him are 3 women who areover 40 and who are quite fit.

this workout would be good for beginning exercisers. perhaps not for absolute beginners though, as while dave spends quite a bit of time talking, he doesnt spend it giving out form pointers.

he and his background exercisers demonstrate excellent form
though and there are a few instances where they show modifcations to the moves to make them easier/harder, so one has to watch the screen closely if
they are not sure exactly how to do the exercise.

the exercises are the basics though so there isnt much opportunity to mess them up.

dave starts the workout with stretching. which i skipped. it just doesnt make any sense to me to stretch before the workout while my body is not warmed up with cardio. it is too bad that he put these stretches here
but ::shrug::

next is a cardio session -- low impact moves, including a bit of
punching. i was just starting to have a bit of fun and it was over! this portion of the workout is way too short. it ended up being an OK warmup though, kind of like something gilad would do for a warmup (only gilad's is
much better). it was only about 10 mins long if even that so i did not get a good cardio workout today.

next dave does lower body strength training.... again, just a few of the basic exercises... he does one set (15 reps) of squats, donkey kicks and rear leg raises. he does all of these using body weight only which did absolutely nothing for me.

he then did a tiny bit of stretching before he started another set of the same moves, so i strapped on ankle weights and
did the next set of the 3 exercises. then he does 2 sets (20 reps per set) of calf raises... again i wore ankle weights and did the harder
version on a step.

next dave does upper body strength training.... 2 sets of 15 reps each of the basics -- bicep curls, back row and shoulder press. nothing exciting.

next is an ab segment where he does 25 crunches (he uses a stability ball here) and the bicycle and then a side laying oblique crunch. then he gets
up and uses a broomstick across the shoulders to facilitate standing side crunches and ab twists. not one word during this segment about holding
your abs tightly or how to breathe properly and so on.

at the end he does another little stretch segment which was fine.

i wouldnt recommend this video -- i need to learn to skip over some of the very inexpensive tapes as they often turn out to be duds. there are certainly exceptions to this rule though of course (like the caribbean workouts! those are an excellent value).

i would recommend that you get
the 'extreme makeover' cd instead of this one.... it is much better and suitable for beginners and intermediates.

i will probably keep 'sexy &
fit' though, to do on a sick day or as a motivation/confidence boosting workout as it is so basic.

Instructor Comments:
dave cues to his own right and left sides ::sigh:: and it was a bit tiring to hear him say right-left-right-left while i was doing the opposite. he counts all of the reps well though and gives warning about transitions to other moves so that was positive.

Carolyn Visser