Self: Trim & Tone Fast

Kimberly Spreen
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Kimberly blends creative combinations to make this total body workout fun and effective. She varies different tempos, angles and reps to sufficiently tone and define the muscles being worked. The dvd is chaptered so you can either play the entire workout (for a great total body challenge) or play any individual section (good if you are short on time or need to concentrate on a lagging body part). The pace is quick enough to also help burn off excess body fat. (but not too quick to make it ineffective) The 8 chapters are as follows:

*Shoulders and Arms
*Full Body

Warmup: Starting with a gentle march, Kimberly gradually increases the motion to increase blood flow & warm the body. Easy to follow patterns lead into brief stretches. 5 minutes

Legs: Using your body weight only, you'll progress through multiple sequences that include lunge & squat variations. The pace is quick enough to also increase the heart rate. 5 minutes

Back: Using a light set of weights, you'll begin with shoulder retractions to increase blood flow to the upper back. This segment includes rows with different angles and tempos and lat pulls. 6 minutes

Shoulders & Arms: Front raises, lateral raises, bicep curls, tricep presses & kickbacks, rear delt flyes, upright rows--lots of variety & reps to sculpt the shoulders, biceps and triceps. You'll use a light set of weights for this segment. 6 minutes

Chest: Kim starts with pushups to warmup the chest and prepare it for the weights. Chest presses & flyes done with different counts (including combining weights into one hand and performing the presses 1 arm at a time) will tighten and strengthen that area. 5:30 minutes

Core: 1/2 rolldowns with rotation works the obliques and front abdominals. Kimberly also includes dead bug, oblique crunches and planks. (planks are great for strengthening the entire core area) 6:30 minutes

Full Body: Beginning with weighted squats, you'll then add front raises to work shoulders. This section uses lots of balance and functional moves (often working multiple muscle groups at once). You'll quickly work through a total body workout. Kimberly also includes standing ab work, such as wood chops. Everything is included, no body part is left untouched. You'll finish this segment with core and chest work on the floor. 16:30 minutes

Cooldown: Kimberly leads you through several stretches, working from the floor and moving to standing postures. You'll have stretched out all your muscle groups and released tension. 5 minutes

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