S.W.A.T. Workout

Commander Tom Stroup
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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The complete program consists of 5 workouts, which makes up the name SWAT:

Strength-20 Minutes
Weight Loss-30 Minutes
Abs & Core-15 Minutes
Toning-23 Minutes
Express-10 Minutes

The workouts include lots of high intensity interval bursts to increase calorie burn both during and after the workout.

The production quality is very good. The "industrial" set with Hummer vehicles in the background give it a real "SWAT" team feel. The music is upbeat and works well with each of the 5 workouts.

Tom doesn't start with a traditional warmup. He does an active warmup, taking you through each exercise slowly to warm up each body part. (I suggest using very light weight, say 2-3 lbs) After the warmup set, increase the weight to intensify the toning. Each exercise is done controlled. On screen written cues tell you what exercise you are doing and also prepares you for the next exercise as it tells you what's coming up next. All areas of the body are worked, except for the back which is indirectly worked with multiple sets of pushups. The length (20 minutes) makes it ideal as an add on to other workouts or if time permits, do it twice to really concentrate on strength gains.

Weight Loss:
The warmup is basic with marching in place. Tom then jumps right in with running in place and jump jacks (he does show modifications if needed). You'll go from a higher intensity activity to a lower one. (these intervals should help keep your heart rate up even during recovery) Tom does an intense interval then follows it with an upper body move (say pushups) then you'll do a lower body move (example lunges). You'll repeat this type of sequencing throughout the workout. You'll see lots of variety: swat thrusts, mountain climbers, football sprints, front jumping jacks, swat thrusts with scissors, and straddle sprints. You'll even do the swat thrusts with scissors with a full pushup added! You'll work your entire body and incinerate the calories! (you can make this one as hard or as easy as you'd like)

Abs & Core:
You'll need a mat or soft surface as Tom works on the floor to strengthen the core. Basic crunches begin the sequence. Tom does several reps of each exercise and then moves quickly to the next exercise (no down time). The exercises get progressively harder, ending with side oblique lifts and planks. (the planks are held for 20 counts)

Using only resistance tubing, Tom takes you through exercises to firm and define your muscles. (you decide how much resistance to use based on the tension of the tubing you select) The warmup is similar to the Strength workout as Tom does a warmup set of the exercises. (I suggest using light tubing for the first set & then move up to heavier tubing for the remainder of the workout) Tom moves through the exercises working each body part thoroughly before moving onto the next area of the body. This would make a nice travel workout since tubing is easy to pack. In 23 minutes you'll have shaped the entire body. (and using tubing can provide a greater challenge since you are working both eccentrically and concentrically during the movements)

Express is a 10 minute workout designed to increase the heart rate quickly. A brief march in place gets you started and then Tom increases the impact. Jumping jacks, running in place, swat thrusts with scissors, mountain climbers, boxers and football drills are designed to get you in your anaerobic training zone. Brief marching in place between drills allows for a slight recovery.

Instructor Comments:
Tom's personality is contagious! He encourages you to work hard but does it in a light hearted manner. Tom is a real SWAT Team Commander.