Rock Hard with Robin

Robin Stoloff

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is a 55 min strength/endurance video. Robin claims that it's cardio but I felt it was more anaerobic. Throughout the video she uses a step, 3 to 5 pound weights and a mat. The step is used for squats, lunges, and dips.

The video is divided into 2 parts: Weightwork & "cardio" and floorwork & abs.

I say the cardio is more anaerobic because your squatting, lunging and dipping to increase the heartrate--you're not really doing step aerobics. Robin mixes an upper body move with a lower body move. Watch that heartrate zoom! I am an advanced exerciser who could only do 3-5 pound weights during the segments. I recommend no more than 5 pounds because she moves real fast between exercises.

The move that blew me away were the pushups! Six sets of them!! Robin uses the step and you do a pushup with one hand on the corner of the step and one on the floor. Needless to say, I got through 4 sets but wimped out on the triceps pushups.

There is an excellent ab section where she shows you all different variations for targeting the abs. She does them on the step, but I preferred doing them on a mat. The step hurt my "bony" back!!

I really enjoyed this workout but would recommend that a viewer watch it through 1 time because Robin moves very quickly.

Robin has the potential to be a great instructor, she cues well, has interesting combos like for instance: squat on floor, squat to the right, lunge on the step and repeat on the other side. Believe me-my legs were on FIRE!!!

The only drawbacks to the tape were: 1. the music was too loud 2.It's filmed on the beach which is fine, but the production could have been better.

If I were to rate this video I'd give an overall rating of a B. But to Robin, I'd give her an A- because this lady seems to know her Stuff!! I got this video on the exchange-and it's a keeper!! Great for the "light" weight weeks!

Instructor Comments:
Robin is very friendly, chatty (but not irritatingly so) encouraging and strong!! She has some interesting combos that could be cleaned up a bit in form, but are great once you learn them. For a woman in her forties, she looks fantastic!!

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