Results: Body Sculpting

Todd Gheisar
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Todd uses the pyramid system and super-sets upper body with lower body. At the third pyramid, he also employs giant sets. You can make the video more advanced by using heavier weights. If you use the video the way Robin and Nicole do, it will be a beginner/low intermediate level. Todd uses heavier weights. I used 8 lbs for my light set, 10 lbs for my medium, and 12 lbs for my upper body & 15 lbs for my lower body for my heavy set. Iíve only done this video one time. The video is about 50 minutes long. I used to do a video several times before I review it. But then it would take me a long time before I do a video again. I just have too many videos. So Iíll just comment that Iíve only done this video once.

I'll try to list the format and the exercises that I remember. I might miss some things. But at least you can see how the pyramid works and how he super-sets UB and LB.


Pyramid 1: Use light weights
Abs - crunches and leg raises (no weight)
Push-ups on knees
Double Arm Bicep Curls
Squats - Todd doesn't use weights on the first set of squats but I did
Reverse Lunges (dips)
Military Presses
Plie Squats - - for all three pyramids, Todd uses one dumbbell like Cathe does in S & H Legs. I used two dumbbells like Tamela "This Is Fun" Hastie in Cardio Burn
Seated Bent-over back rows with elbows close to ribs

Pyramid 2: Use medium weights. Same exercises except back rows are done with elbows out. He adds oblique work for the abs. The plie squats are done only half-way up instead of all the way up.

Pyramid 3: Use heaviest weights. This circuit uses the giant and super-set methods of adding more exercises to each body part.
Abs - crunches, leg raises, obliques (can have legs up), and clamshells (upper body crunches with slight lower body lift. Shows an advanced ab exercise with legs and arms going out at a diagonal & then back in).
Push-ups on toes
Double Arm Bicep Curls, go down to medium weights and do Alternating Cross-over bicep curls and double arm hammer curls
Static Lunges
Military Presses (I used my 12 lbs even though Todd said to go to your medium weights), side lateral raises (I wimped out and use my 8 lbs)
Low-End Plie Squats, Pulsing Low-End Plie Squats (killer!!), Cross-over Lunges
Seated Bent-over back rows with elbows out, seated rear delt raise
Tricep dips using chair, tricep kickbacks using light weights
March to cool-down

I like how Todd employs different weight lifting methods. I always liked how Joyce Vedral uses the pyramid system but she goes too fast. Todd moves at a nice pace. He generally does two counts up and two counts down. You also have time to switch to different weights. I think I employed Toddís method correctly. On the first set, I just felt a little work but I was actually thinking that I started too light. He also gives more form pointers in the first pyramid before you start different exercises so you get lots of rest. But I felt that I got a really good burn at the last pyramid. I was surprised. At the end, I felt that I got a good workout but I wasnít totally burned out either. Thatís exactly how Todd said we should feel.

The production of the Results Body Sculpting and Fat Burning videos are better than the Club Hi/Lo. The production of these two videos are better than Toddís previous videos. But theyíre still not CIA quality.

I have to admit that the intro that Todd gives before the Results videos has gotten old. I watched the Fat Burning one a couple times since my family wanted to watch me in it. He uses the same intro in both videos. However, the intro is before the workout so that's what the fast forward button is for. I know lots of intros by heart like the ones used in the Firm and Living Arts videos.

Instructor Comments:
Todd gives a lot of form pointers in this video. He's informative but not too serious. It's cute when he tells his wife Nicole, "That's not half way up girl." because she goes all the way up during plie squats and he told us not to. She gives an oh-oh type of smile. I just thought it was a light hearted interaction between husband and wife.

Helen Stephens