Quick Fix Total Mix

Julie Upton, Minna Lessig, Nancy Popp
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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So do good things come in small packages? If it is a Quick Fix workout, I'm now inclined to say yes and if it is Quick Fix Total Body Toning, most definatly. Slowly I'm becomming a big QF fan.

Before I get into the details of what this workout is about, let me explain what I mean about refering to this workout as a small package.

As far as videofitness trends go, the popular thing to do now is to sell a "package" or a "series" of workouts all at one time. So what does this say to the consumer? That we must buy all their workouts and pay lots of $$$$$ to get any results? Now I'm an advanced exerciser and avid vidiot who has purchased plenty of exercise dvd series mostly because they can be fun and motivating. I also know that in order to be fit one needs flexibility, strength and cardio but you don't have to obtain all three elements from one program/series. One of the reasons why I'm quickly becomming a QF fan is because they turn out quality workouts that can be purchased separately without sending you into bankruptcy.

With that being said, I'll get off my soapbox now and give you the scoop on the actual workout. QF Total Body Toning consists of short, basic resistance exercises that can give you a great little workout. Like all the QF workouts, there are three 10 minute segments. The first section with Minna uses light weights for resistance along with compound upper and lower body moves (squats w/overhead presses, lat rows w/triceps extensions, lunges w/delt lifts). The second section with Nancy uses no weights and the toning exercises consists of kickboxing moves done at a slower pace. Nancy has you concentrating on squeezing the muscles as you are working them. The third section consists of exercises using your own body weight i.e. pushups, planks, lunges, squats. Because each segment consists of total body exercises that go fairly quickly from one exercise to the next, you may get some slight aerobic benefits.

For most advanced or intermediate exercisers, most of these moves will probably be too basic and not challenging enough. Also the constant form pointers given do slow down the workout in some spots and can be annoying. However, beginners can really benefit from these form pointers. Especially if they are totally new to strength/resistance training.

I mostly use this dvd as an add-on to other workouts. I must admit, I have benefitted as well from the constant form pointers and basic moves of this dvd since both allow me to really concentrate on what I'm doing. No matter what size weight you lift, most personal trainers or fitness professionals will tell you that good form and concentraing on your moves or the muscle being worked are key to good results. So sometimes it can be a good thing to go back to the basics.

As for the production quality, the dvd is excellent. The set is open and airy and the camera angles are shot well so you can clearly see the exercises being performed. While the music is nothing really memorable, it isn't bad either.

I purchased this workout for $9.99 and it is a real bargain. So if you are a beginner or if you are advanced and want a basic, solid toning workout this may be the video for you.

Instructor Comments:
All three ladies seem very knowledgeble and pay careful attention to form and safety of the moves. They are good instructors and have a great on-screen presence. They also appeared to work well together which made the workout fun.



This DVD has a total of nine routines on it that you can combine in different ways. They include three routines for the abs, three for the buns, and three for the arms and legs. I havenít done the abs workouts because I prefer Pilates and doing crunches on my stability ball to traditional crunch routines on the floor. However, I have used this DVD a lot for the buns routines and those for the arms and legs.

Nancy Popp leads the routines for the buns areas and I think she does an excellent job. One routine is a standing routine done with a chair for balance. One routine is a standing routine done with no props. And, the third is a floor routine. Iíve mainly done the standing routines because I donít floor work all that much. I do it once in awhile when Iím in the mood to work those muscles differently.

Minna Lessig leads the routines for arms and legs. One is for arms only. One is for legs only. And the third involves compound moves for both arms and legs together. I prefer the two routines for the arms and legs alone because they seem more effective. However, the segment with the compound moves has been great on days I am in a BIG rush.

The set is nice and the three instructors seem to interact well enough. I really like the countdown timer because it has motivated me to stay with a routine when Iím tired or just not in the move. You can do anything for a few more minutes.

Instructor Comments:
They all cue well and are descriptive about the moves they want you to do.

Laura S.


This DVD is a compilation of Quick Fix Arms and Legs, Quick Fix Buns and Quick Fix Abs. Each of these workouts involves 3 10-minute sections, and the DVD allows you to play them in order, play only one, or mix them all up together to custom-create your own workout by selecting up to 3 sections from any of the tapes This is a great feature and a wonderful use of DVD technology.

The variety of exercises in nice---they try to vary the focus a little. So for example one of the ĎBunsí sections is nearly all standing work, and one is nearly all floor work. Similarly, one of the upper body sections is all upper body and one is mostly compound moves that work the lower body as well. Each section can stand alone as a short workout because it has its own very brief warm-up, and self-contained exercises. There is a countdown clock in the corner of the screen that is a very useful motivating feature.

The instructors are Minna Lessig, Nancy Popp and Julie Upton, and they rotate among the various sections---when one teaches, the other two serve as the class. The rapport between them is a little stiff, but they each seem pleasant enough as instructors.

Overall, I think this DVD is an excellent purchase because it allows you so many options. You can use the sections as add-ons and have a great variety of different workouts that way. Or you can use the ĎBlenderí feature to create an up to 30-minute routine that works the entire body as a complete workout. The instructors are pleasant, the pace is brisk but not frantic, and the countdown clock keeps you energized and on target. A wonderful series, overall, and a great DVD.



This DVD was a great investment. It includes all three Quick Fix videos. Abs, Buns, Arms & Legs. Each body part is broken up into three ten minute segments for a total of ninety minutes of strength training. There is a Quick Blender feature on the DVD that lets you pick and choose up to three segments so that you can create your own workout. I did this DVD after taking about a three month break when I moved across country ( I was a low advanced exerciser). After doing two bun segments, the leg only segment, and one ab segment I am so sore and I did the workout two days ago!! I have this DVD as well as Tamilee Webb's DVD I Want That Body and I do not anticipate buying another strength video for a long time. I can not recommend this video enough for a beginner or intermediate exerciser. For an advanced exerciser I do not think you will get as much out of this DVD because they use light weights or no weights at all. If someone is used to lifting heavy this workout will not do much for you. I give this DVD an A+ for value and a A- for the workout itself.

Instructor Comments:
This is my first video with Nancy & Julie and find them both to be good instructors. I had the Emergancy Workout with Minna but sold it because it was to easy. I really like Minna and may buy more videos with here. All three are upbeat and it is obivious they get along really well



I think it's a compilation of three tapes. The abs sections are traditional ab work mixed with some modified Pilates style moves. There's a good variety of exercises including some unusual ab variations that I haven't seen before. The buns workout has two standing segments (with no weight) and one with floor work. The Leg & Arms workout has three segments combining compound movements with small weights for upper and lower body. Each 10 minute segment has a countdown timer in the corner showing the time left.

It's is definitely one to do when you want a very light or beginner workout. The Buns & Legs segments do require some endurance because they include a lot of variations on squats and lunges. But I would think of these as add-ons or a very light day workout.

The DVD layout is probably the most special thing about the workout. It has all three workouts, chapters for each exercise and a mix & match feature to allow you to design you own combos.

Instructor Comments:
There are three instructors, but strangely enough their names are not listed anywhere on the DVD case but there are short biographies of them on the DVD. One is Minna Lessig and the other two are Nancy Popp and Julie Upton. Julie instructs the Abs with the other two as the class, Nancy instructs the buns workouts and Minna the Leg & Arms. The three seem to have a good rapport

Loretta S