Quick Fit 2

Kira Langolf
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This has the same beach setting as the last dvd, only facing toward a light house. No equipment needed, this workout consists of 4 different workouts: Total Body (which is the main workout from where the other three come from) Lower Body, Upper Body and Abs & Stretch.

Warm Up: Step touch, mini squats & wide taps are some of the basic moves you'll use to warm you up & prepare you for the stretches. Then you'll move onto the main workout.

Main Workout: Pushups & planks begin this segment. Next is squats with side leg lifts to the side followed by a knee to front, kick leg out, back and down. Regular squats are next. Back to floor for tricep dips. Then she'll do lifts for the glutes with one leg held up throughout. Switch back to tricep dips before working other leg. Follow this entire sequence again before doing around the world lunges (front, side and reverse) She'll do 5 then repeat other side. Back to floor for more dips. With hands wide, elbows more to side adding in more chest/shoulders. V-sits work your abs. Repeat the dips, v-sit combo. Narrow squats/wide squats are the next combo. Next up you'll lie on floor to perform tricep pushups. Planks follow. Repeat these two exercises again. To work abs, regular crunches are next. Different variations are shown. (to work all areas of the core region) Cool down stretches follow.

Instructor Comments:
www.fitnessmakeover.com or www.allinoneworkout.com