Quick Fit, 10 Minutes to Tone w/weights

Kira Langolf
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This one is set outside as well. The full workout is 30 minutes in length. The 15 minute workout and the 10 minute workout were derived from the full workout.

Warm up: Same basic warm up as in all her workouts. Easy to follow movements with stretches prepare your body for workout.

Main Workout: Using 2 sets of weights (light/heavy) throughout, squats with rows are done first. Overhead press with lunges are next. (she does this combo for 2 sets) Side leg lift with opposite side arm lateral lift are next. Squats with side lateral and rotator cuff exercise follow. Stationary lunge with tricep extension overhead, then standing leg curl with opposite arm bicep curls are the next sequence. (she actually places a light dumbbell behind the knee) The next exercise works the back. Rows followed by wide squats with shoulder press. Lunges with side lateral are the next 2 compound exercises. Plie squats work inner thighs while overhead press work triceps. Now lunge, come up do bicep curl (alternating legs). She changes this up by doing a hammer curl instead. Abdominals are next starting with crunches. Reverse curls are next working low abs. Kira then adds variety to these poses by changing the moves slightly & working different parts of the abdominals. Stretches follow and your workout is complete.

Instructor Comments:
www.fitnessmakeover.com or www.allinoneworkout.com