Jon Giswold

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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PUSH is unbelievable. I have always wanted a personal trainer but for 100 dollars a week I could never afford one. I've been using fitness videos for years (you name it, Iíve tried it) and this is the most innovative and helpful fitness tool on the market. You go to their site www.push.tv and join and then you tell PUSH your goals, injuries, equipment, areas of focus, type of music, trainer, training time, etc and their fitness experts devise the perfect training sessions for you. Each month in the mail you get 3 training sessions on one DVD that all work different areas and help you reach your goals. I just received mine and I have never been so sure that I will be successful as I am now with PUSH. I think it may be the first summer I wear a bikini in 3 years.

Instructor Comments:
Jon Giswold
(Equinox, Sports Club LA, etc) is an extremely sincere, passionate and motivating trainer. He takes care and walks you through all exercise with attention to proper form and encouraging words that promotes successful workouts.

Annie Nichols