Pumping Rubber

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This Spri video uses exerbands, an exertube, and exerbar. Each piece of equipment has its own 10 minute workout. The first one was exerbands and felt that was the easiest part, unless you use 2 bands or a thicker one to make it more of a challenge. The whole video is filmed outside with some palm trees in the backdrop, but you also see part of a pool & fence. It might have been filmed at either Tamilee's house! I don't know. There is music, but you can barely hear it at times. I did recognize 1 song from Mega Step Blast. There is no official warm up, but before the 2nd or 3rd segment she starts out with a few side steps, as if that was to be the opener originally.

First 10 minutes (featuring exerbands) works the biceps, triceps, chest, back and for the lower body the inner & outer thigh, quads & hamstrings.

The 2nd workout features the exertube. There is alot more lower body work in this section and more focus on shoulders. There are lunges, squats and hamstring & glute press-backs in this one. I really felt this in my hips! She also has you take the handle and loop it through and stand on the tubing for the inner thigh work.

The last segment featured the exerbar. I loved the over head tricep presses and shoulder presses in this one. There were some lat rows; you roll the tubing around the bar to make it more challenging. She also did the same style of hamstring & glute press-backs in this segment as she did in the previous one. I really felt a burn from 2 sets. She also does some oblique work standing, but there is no floor work or other ab work in this video.

Overall this is a good video if you like Spri equipment. The first segment felt like it was beginner level, but the rest was somewhere between beg/int and intermediate level. Even though I liked the video somewhat, it wasn't a favorite and sat on my shelf. I have since traded the video, but the new owner enjoyed it when she emailed me to thank me. I'd still rate it a B+.