Power Shaping I

Victoria Johnson
Year Released: 1989

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I've often heard of this 1989 video described as similar to a Firm workout. It is similar to the classics, being that you are doing either lunges or squats at the same time as shoulders or biceps. The video starts out with a thorough warmup and a complete stretch. There are a few short cardio segments, but it mostly consists of high repetitions of light weights. There are about 3 sets for each muscle group; if the group has different angles (such as frontal/medial delts)--she targets those separately 3 times each. I felt she paid more attention to the shoulders & biceps, but she does stop and work the triceps, back and later down to the floor for some pec flies and abs. There is no floor work, other than abs. The work for the glutes consisted of rear leg extensions during one of the cardio segments.

This workout is an hour long. Her Power Shaping II was shorter, but I found Victoria to be very annoying in that video. This one was the better of the two, in my opinion. The look is dated though. She's wearing shiny spandex and it is just a plain wall with a couple plants and the name of the workout on a banner on the wall. The music was pretty good. It reminded me of what I used to like in the 80's--some sounded like Salt N Pepa and Cameo (remember that guy?) and it all had a good beat. It is sold in a plain cover at Victoria's website, but is available used at amazon.com's marketplace often. I'd say it is an int/adv level. I'll give it an A for 1989--compared to today's workouts a B.

Instructor Comments:
She's encouraging and clear with her cues. She often give alternatives for the level of fitness you are currently at.