Power Firm

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This older workout is available on dvd as part of the Power Walking System. The picture quality is not perfect, but that didnít bother me. This routine did not have any skips or glitches as the walking one on this same dvd did :)

Leslie works out alone in this one, no class. She is one the same set as she was in the walking routine, stone floors with pinkish panels and curtains on the sides. For the first section, she uses a chair and does standing leg moves such as hamstring curls, leg raises and leg extensions. The sets are short and the pace moves briskly. Leslie does not always count evenly on moves working one side at a time, so be sure to keep your own rep count!

The second section is floor moves and includes a variety of leg lifts and extensions. There is a sequence done on hands and knees, which I hate, but the sets are, as before, no more than 12 or so reps, so it moves quickly. Then there is a lying down section of leg raises in various positions.

The whole workout is less than half an hour, and was quite a nice routine. I like that there were some standing moves in this one, in contract to her Shortcuts Lower Body, which is all floor-based. I also think this would be a great routine for someone who normally dislikes floor work, because you generally only do one set, and they are short sets at that. You move quickly from one thing to the next. I will definitely do this routine again, and I think it is a great add-on for Leslieís walking tapes.



This is on the DVD called Power Walking System, with Power Walk 3 Miles. It is a 20 minute lower body workout with ankle weights. Leslie demonstrates each move before each set, and explains everything, which would make this excellent for a beginner. It can be intermediate, by using ankle weights (Leslie does) and by doing additional reps while Leslie is explaining the exercise.
The reps are a good pace, and she does 2 sets for each exercise. You start standing and do ham curls and leg raises. Then you go to the floor and do more ham/butt work (table work) and then finish off with outer & inner thigh raises. She varies the raises to limit the boredom factor.
The music is excellent...which was a big surprise for Leslie workouts! It's 1960's motown, with vocals included!
I use this workout as an addon after cardio (her walking workouts!) or after an upper body workout. The only thing is on the DVD, there are a couple of glitches..but it only sticks for 2 seconds and then continues. All in all, an enjoyable workout with great music.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is one on one with you, and it's like she's talking to a friend.