Power Conditioning

Rachel Hunter, Tony Cortes
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This video should be called Beginner Resistance Training. Only one very basic exercise per bodypart, three sets of ten repetitions, and that's all folks. It breaks down like this:

3 sets of static lunges (dumbbells optional)
3 sets of standing side leg raises
3 sets of squats (dumbbells optional)
3 sets of one-legged calf raises
3 sets of push-ups, supersetted with
3 sets of one-arm rows (with dumbbells)
3 sets of 5 reps side raises, 5 reps front lateral raises (with dumbbells)
3 sets of biceps curls (with dumbbells), supersetted with
3 sets of triceps push-ups
3 tri-sets of hip thrusts, reverse curls, and crunches

Since the exercises are so basic, the form is pretty easy to pick up. There is nothing wrong with this tape, if a beginner seriously added weight and tried to train to failure on each exercise. But you won't be getting Linda Hamilton's arms from this meagre and uninspiring selection of exercises! I was hoping to see something a little more innovative and motivating than this. I get a better workout on my own, and better music, too!

Instructor Comments:
Rachel Hunter is along for the ride, with Tony Cortes acting as her personal trainer. He has supposedly trained Linda Hamilton, but she certainly didn't get her T2 look from this tape! Tony is not very motivating, and mumbles his cues to Rachel, leaving the viewer clued out. Very few pointers on form. Rachel looks pretty out of shape (a bit of a belly, and no definition) to be doing a strength-training video. Tony Cortes doesn't bother to do any of the exercises himself, and Rachel's form isn't that great.

Serena Schlueter